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     When I put this CD in my first reaction was OH MY GOD !!!!


Exclusive Magazine Review

      "With C.C. performing all lead and background vocals, his soul-laced fingerprints are lovingly embracing each track that             you listen to. And be grateful for that for his is a voice, a talent to be recognized."

​       http://annecarlini.com/ex_cd.php?id=1828

"The great thing about listening to great singers is to simply hear the emotion and the attitude of what's coming through them. I learned that you have to be true to how you really feel so that when someone is listening to you, they will feel it too"    - Cornell "C.C." Carter   from interview with musicguy247.typepad.com

Music Scan DE Review

​       In The Moment  Self-Release 
​​​        ​http://www.music-scan.de/Templates/reviews_team.php?id=21806​

JP's Music Blog Review

       CD review: C.C. Finds Himself "In The Moment" With New Album


   Sight and Sounds of Note

       Talk about Sweet Vindication....


Skope Mag


​​        http://skopemag.com/2015/12/29/skope-news-for-december-29-2015


Midwest Record

​     CC/In the Moment:  Soul 


Vibes & Vino 

     Cornell "C.C." Carter: Drawing From A Lifetime of Experiences

​     http://www.vibesandvino.com/cornell-c-c-carter-drawing-from-a-lifetime-of-musical-experiences/​

Music Guy 24/7 Interview

      Cornell Carter (CC) An interview with the R&B & Soul singer from the San Francisco area. "You just               want your audience to have a great time when they listen to your music!"

        http://musicguy247.typepad.com/my-blog/2015/12/cornell-carter-cc-an-interview-with-the-rhythm-and-blues-soul-and-pop-singer-           from-the-san-francisco-area.html

Streetwise Radio Blurb

       Cornell CC Carter In The Moment


Keys and Chords Review